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"Invite: The Uninvited Guests"

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Episode Summary: Natsuru, unexpectedly accompanied by Akane and Shizuku, arrives at Kaede's house, which has a lot of Entrails Animals. Kaede starts things off with a game involving two people biting through the ends of a Pocky stick. Akane's attempts at avoiding Kaede and Natsuru being paired together gets her stuck with Shizuku. In the second round, Akane pairs with Natsuru, but he breaks the stick before she can reach. After failing to get paired with Natsuru, Kaede ends the game and shows everyone her collection of Entrails Animals, including a prototype, Burnt Alive Lion. Mikoto then appears, bringing with her some curry which Shizuku dumps on Natsuru's face as an excuse for her to take a shower. Natsuru is forced to bathe in his female form since Kaede keeps peeking in. As Natsuru tries to go to sleep, he accidentally transforms back into his male form just as Kaede sneaks into his bed. Before Kaede notices him, Akane appears in her Kämpfer form wanting to convey her feelings to Natsuru. Just then, they are attacked by a White Kämpfer, Rika Ueda, who retreats after Shizuku intervenes. Later on, Shizuku wonders if she's jealous over Natsuru.

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