Kämpfer Episode 9 English Subbed

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"His Midsummer: Tropical Cyclone of Romance"

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Episode Summary: Akane is having a romantic summer date with male Natsuru at the pool. However, Mikoto, Shizuku and Kaede show up as well. At the pool, Shizuku sees one of the White Kämpfer when she walks past Kaede. Shizuku sends female Natsuru to walk alone somewhere and is attacked and surrounded by a group of White Kämpfer, who introduce themselves as Sayaka Nakao, Ryoka Yamakawa and Hitomi Minakawa. Akane and Shizuku rescue Natsuru and to his dismay, Shizuku essentially says Natsuru was used as bait to get the White Kämpfer to reveal themselves, who end up running away rather than fight them on equal terms. Later male Natsuru and the girls are having a fun time in the hotel. Akane and Mikoto are in shock that Natsuru went on a date with Shizuku, and Shizuku even goes so far as to kiss Natsuru in front of the others. Kaede then asks male Natsuru to come with her outside the room. Natsuru, captivated by Kaede's sudden action, obliges without a second thought. Outside the room, Kaede manipulates the spellbound Natsuru into obeying her and they go outside to see the fireworks.

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  1. Alexis

    Sep 20th, 2012

    I love the anime series Kampfer and do you give out the 15 episode ! Sorry I just love the series so much it would be crazy if there was actually Kampfers wouln’t it ! Jeez, I just cna’t wait!!!!!! Bring the 15 episode out hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  2. Alexis

    Sep 20th, 2012

    Sorry i might can’t LOL sorry!!!!!!! :-) :-) ;-)

  3. Momo

    Feb 27th, 2013

    So is she a kampfer too?? =0 gusse just watch and find out xP

  4. Alex

    Jun 24th, 2013

    Great anime

  5. Peeple

    Mar 27th, 2016

    I don’t like that kampher in the glasses that turns out with a gun and stuff lol I don’t like her because she is just wrecking the realitionship

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