Kämpfer für die Liebe OVA 02 English Subbed

You are watching Kämpfer für die Liebe OVA 02 English Subbed from the Kämpfer für die Liebe Anime Show. Watch or Download Kämpfer für die Liebe OVA 02 MP4 English Sub and other episodes of Kämpfer für die Liebe Streamed for Free.
"Everyday Life: Since it's been a while, I wanna see some good things about Kämpfer"

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8 Responses to “Kämpfer für die Liebe OVA 02”

  1. TurboTFOs

    Dec 27th, 2012

    i cant believe.. they just ended a great series like that… they havent found out whose the Moderators. Whose exactly controlling Sakura. and so much more!!!!

  2. Momo

    Mar 27th, 2013

    He really is a dipshit of a guy xP he has those three pretty girls after him and all he can think of is Sakura!? xO he should pick Mikotot! xD but so far it seems the prez is in the lead! xP

  3. Darkcore

    Mar 30th, 2013

    I want more it this anime.-.-

  4. Darkcore

    Mar 30th, 2013

    And Momo: I think Shikuzu is the best it them.

  5. satia

    Jun 13th, 2013


  6. mynameyusuf

    Jun 30th, 2013


  7. vanilla

    Oct 9th, 2013

    bla bla get the f**king outta here and don’t bother just watch these cool animes especially kampfer but its just until ep 14…..Hentai but lame until episode 14 only?!…Ugh i need to get out of this damn bastard world oh my! i’m just like Akane-chan….NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!…..-.- nvm bye!.

  8. Satatna

    Jun 15th, 2014

    What if when u die a screen pops up showing all your favorite anime, and you could keep picking an anime to live in as the main character and u r like a god so if u dont like how the story played out, u could chang it, and when u die in that anime the same screen pops up so u could pick the same one or a different one so basically you could make your favorite anime woman or man fuck u, also u live the whole life, not just where the epiode where showing but from birth to death

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