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"Eat Deliciously?"

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Episode Summary: Kouta is the prize in a battlefield fought with food between Chizuru and Nozomu, but neither of them can cook well and Kouta is the one suffering as he is forced to eat terrible food experiments concocted by the two girls. Chizuru and Kouta later get attacked by Omi Kiriyama, a sickle weasel, but Kouta takes the hit for Chizuru and is knocked unconscious to Kiriyama's shock. Feeling guilty, Kiriyama tries to help Kouta by having Mio Osakabe, a frog spirit, make toad oil (even though she is a frog spirit), and Chizuru cannot help but get more intimate with Kouta by rubbing the oil in with her body, but Nozomu joins in and Kouta panics again. Back at school, a fight breaks out between Chizuru and Nozomu that leaves Kouta shouting at Chizuru and then she cries and runs off. Kouta soon follows, finding out that Chizuru was faking it and that she just wanted some alone time with Kouta in a very playful way.

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  1. InterCaption

    Apr 28th, 2013

    Very good show

  2. naruko

    Dec 2nd, 2013

    anime like this are trash should not even exsist in this world

  3. Nestleknees

    Jul 31st, 2015

    It fills me with a passion to trap and staple animal ears and tails on beautiful girls!!
    so watch out ladies..

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