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"The Illusion of a District"
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Episode Summary: Eko ravages the city with a serpent-like monster powered by Nue and his brother's electricity, killing many humans. Shinjiku gathers survivors in a large room in the subway. Shinjiku, who is pushing Yoshiko in a wheelchair, meets with Kure and Sagisaka, who had come to search for his daughter. In the room, Shinjiku reveals his true Mikura form and begins eating the survivors. Shinjiku was about to attack Yoshiko, but Sagisaka sacrificed himself to save his daughter. Otoha, who had been in the group, fights Shinjiku with his sword to allow the others to escape. After surfacing, Otoha continues to fight Shinjiku but is heavily wounded when stabbed in the stomach. Otoha defends himself from a blast, he loses an arm and continues to bleed excessively. As he falls to the ground before dying, Otoha calls out for Yurine. Suddenly, white cats come running to gather around his body and transform into glowing energy, reviving Otoha. A new Yurine arises from his back and Karas returns.

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