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"The True Legend"
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Episode Summary: The final climactic battle between Eko and Otoha finally arrives. Aided by a fellow Karas, her Yurine partner, and his own, the battle comes to a boil when Karas is finally able to stop the raging dragon produced by Eko. By going inside of it, Otoha, though unwilling at first, kills Nue in attempts to bring an end to his younger brother. Upon doing so, the newfound power source of Eko's has come to an end. The final showdown occurs in which Otoha and Eko square off. Eko falls against Otoha, while his last words claim that Otoha will walk the same path. The demons, now in plain sight of humans, are now being shot at by humans. Otoha blocks the bullets and destroys the weapons, stating that "Even you are among those under my protection." The story ends as detective Kure and Yoshiko head to the country via bus route, as Sagisaka requested as a spirit. Otoha, as Karas, continues to watch over Tokyo. Raven feathers appear next to those who survived the incident and caught glimpse of the final conflict.

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