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"Opus 11: Ice Cream Parade"

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Episode Summary: Tsukumo and Hirato visits the Lindain Group's president, a 42 year old man. They discuss about companies who are harboring monsters. Meanwhile, Yogi, Gareki, and Nai are off to play in the city and go to a Nyanperona shop. Gareki is pissed off and starts yelling that Nyanperona is fake, when they promptly run away. However, a strange kid named Yanari follows them and says that he is positive that Yogi dresses up as Nyanperona, telling them to help him find a pasta shop. We learn in the next few scenes that information has been leaking out of Circus. Then it goes back to the touring group, where they meet the guide of the city, Rissun, who leads them towards the right direction. As they walk, Nai tells Yanari that when you make a friend, you feel all warm inside. We learn that Yanari is actually looking for his mother's house, but then enters to realize that she was dead. Nai grabs Yanari's arm and he begins to cry into Nai's chest. Meanwhile, Hirato asks Gareki if he wants to become a child of Circus. The group sends Yanari off and leave. Onboard, Yanari calls Nai about Karoku and says that a girl named Erisyuka has mentioned Karoku before. Nai brings juice to Gareki, but collapses. He later wakes up again to tell Tskumo that Karoku is at the smoky mansion. Circus begins to head off to save Karoku.

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