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"Opus 13: Karneval"

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Episode Summary: Circus tries to get into the Rainbow gate, but only Gareki and Nai get through. They see Karoku and Nai runs up to hug him, but Gareki suddenly can't move. He realizes that something is wrong and struggles to shout at Nai. Nai looks back and realizes that the real Karoku is lying in a death-like state on the ground. They eventually complete the mission and bring Karoku back, where he is saved by Akari but stays unconscious. Gareki decides to leave and study to become a member of Circus and they bid a sad farwell to him. After the credits, Karoku is seen awake in the hospital bed, watching a bird fly away from his window.

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  1. APObisdHQa

    Jun 29th, 2013

    DL Si us plau ?

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    DL link please! >_<

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    Jun 29th, 2013

    dl please…….
    onegai yo…..

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    DL >>>>????

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    DL please

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    Jun 29th, 2013

    This was an awesome show I really hope for a second season.

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  9. TheFoolyOne

    Jul 3rd, 2013

    i want a second season but i have a feeling its not going to happen but who knows might just happen

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  12. Jelly99

    Jan 9th, 2015

    Whaaaat, NOOOOO!!! Don’t end! That was a really mean ending, what will happen now!? Geez… Well, it’s not coming another season -_-
    I wonder if the manga continues the story…

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