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"Opus 7: "Sigh of the Mermaid" and the Three Caballero"

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Episode Summary: Gareki has locked himself in his room after his family incident. Yogi thinks of an amazing idea -- Let's go to the parade! At the parade, as they walk along, Nai wonders what it's like to care for someone and wonders when he will see Karoku again. In the middle, Kiichi orders Yogi to go find a missing, malfunctioning rabbit robot, so Gareki has to dress and act as Nyan-peru! Failing to find the malfunctioning robot, Circus continues and begins their play, Tsukumo as the mermaid. During the play, Tsukumo is locked in a sealed jar filled with water, and she disappears. However, their plan goes wrong after the robot seals up the other side of the jar. Nai hears her silent screams with his super-sensitive ears, and they run off to save her from the theater. They succeed in breaking the bottle off stage while Iva continues the play as the ex-girlfriend of the main character. Afterwards, Akari sensei is heading towards his office when he meets Hirato. They go on "vacation" to the very cold land of Rinoll.

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