Kaze no Stigma Episode 24 English Subbed

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"Protectors of the Wind"

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Episode Summary: Kazuma, Ayano and Ren encounter Lapis, who begins the summoning ritual of Belial, the Prince of Demons of the north of Hell. Lapis reveals she is attempting to become "human" through others' pain. Kazuma and Ayano attack Lapis, who retreats as Belial's summoning proceeds. By combining their powers, Kazuma, Ayano, and Ren manage to repel Belial. Afterwards, Bernhardt and Lapis arrival, but Gemna's arrival convinces Bernhardt not to kill them. Kazuma asks Lapis what were the final thoughts of Tsui Ling, who reveals that Tsui Ling wanted Kazuma to die. At the Kannagi residence, Kazuma reveals he has accepted his past and will concentrate on the future, which incenses Ayano, who claims that Kazuma should rely on her. Kazuma agrees, but gives Ayano a tap in the rear to show his acceptance to the new partnership, resulting in Ayano angrily chasing him around the courtyard (with Enraiha) as the members of the Kannagi family have a peaceful lunch. Then Ren sees how close Ayano and Kazuma are with the rest of his friends and Nanase and Yukari agree.

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