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"Scars Yoshimori and Tokine"
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Episode Summary: Yoshimori Sumimura is a kekkaishi (barrier magic user) and reluctant heir to his family. Together with his neighbor Tokine Yukimura, he is responsible for defending their school, Karasumori Academy, from ayakashi (demons) attracted to the spiritual energies of its site, by using kekkai (barrier magic). When they are found chatting, Shigemori Sumimura and Tokiko Yukimura, respectively Yoshimori's grandfather and Tokine's grandmother, chastise them for talking with someone from their hated rival family. That evening, Yoshimori goes to the school and traps an ayakashi by a tree, however he is tricked into not dispelling it due to its form as a little girl. The ayakashi, named Yumigane, transforms and grows too strong for Yoshimori. Tokine arrives in time to save him, but she is injured in the process. As she recovers, Yoshimori vows to never let anyone else get hurt by anymore ayakashi, as he continues five years later defending their school with his full strength. The events are shown of what Yoshimori and Tokine do on a typical day, showing Yoshimori is a slacker who sleeps through class, while Tokine is a smart and popular student. The personal lives of the two main characters are delved into a little more as well showing their relationships with their close family. Yoshimori obsesses with making pastries, specifically chocolate castle cakes. When Yoshimori and Yokine track down a frog ayakashi called Tsuchigama at night, Yoshimori wears sneakers to protect Yokine from its attacks. Yoshimori is left to restore the school grounds as he heals his wounds, by the use of his shikigami (paper dolls).

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