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"Masamori Sumimura: Chief of the Night Troops"
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Episode Summary: Yoshimori, thinking about being the legitimate successor, becomes upset when he is unable to read the family scrolls, confused as to why his older brother was not better suited as the heir. On the school grounds at night, Yoshimori and Tokine encounter a scorpion ayakashi with a foul smell named Sasorigama, greatly disrupting Madarao and Hakubi. Masamori, already aware of its presence, watches from afar to see how Yoshimori and Tokine handle it. The armored shell of this ayakashi is too tough to penetrate, however. Masamori interrupts its attack and destroys one of its blades just before it attempts to slice Yoshimori. He then create a barrier of five layers to surround Sasorigama before he destroys it. Masamori reveals to everyone that he will be staying for a few days, much to the unhappiness of Yoshimori and Madarao.

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