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"Assault of the White Feathers"
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Episode Summary: Yoshimori, thinking back about the bed of Lord Uro, goes to his grandfather concerning the power of barriers, though he intends to use this power to put a seal on the site. At night, Yoshimori attempts to muster an ignited aura, but is stopped by Tokine. The unknown spy sends three feathered ayakashi, named Hizuki, Mizuki, and Fukuzi, to the site and has them run around the place before allowing them to run amok in order to gather information. Yoshimori encounters and attacks Hizuki, much to her anger. When the three gather together, Tokine captures Fuzuki in a barrier of three layers and destroys her thereafter. Hizuki and Mizuki combine and transform into Shirahago, being empowered by the school grounds. Shirahago launches its feathers as spears at the kekkaishi, who both shield themselves from the attack. After learning that the feathers resume their original form in order to return back into its body, the kekkaishi plan their next move.

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