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"The Ominous Spy"
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Episode Summary: Yoshimori creates a barrier surrounding Shirahago, however he is unable to stabilize it. Knowing her skills lie not in her strength but in her accuracy, Tokine creates several spiked barriers, piercing and immobilizing Shirihago, which allows Yoshimori to give the finishing blow. Yoshimori and Tokine begin to notice the spy whose human form has begun to fail. Yoshimori engages in battle with the spy, but he runs away into the nearby forest. Yoshimori tries to contain him inside the forest, but the spy drinks an experimental potion to strengthen his birdlike right arm, creating mass destruction and uses the confusion to make his escape. Yoshimori is left with the spy's sunglasses, a part of the birdlike shikigami, and his skinned right arm as evidence. As the spy tries to make his way to report back to his leader, he is sacrificed due to the side effects of the potion. Shigemori and Tokiko see the damage done to the forest. Yoshimori confesses his plan to put a seal on the site to Tokine.

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