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"Gen Shishio the Heartless Transfer Student"
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Episode Summary: Yoshimori and Tokine warns Mino keep a lookout for any ayakashi disguised as a human. After hearing about a new transfer student, Yurina becomes suspicious. Yurina tries to inform a half-asleep Yoshimori about the matter, but to no avail. The transfer, named Gen Shishio, then encounters this Yoshimori and punches him in the face. As it is revealed to be a cloned shikigami, the real Yoshimori senses Gen during his nap on the roof, trying to locate his presence. Yoshimori and Tokine find claw marks on the wall outside along with the remains of the shikigami. Gen later finds Mino, already aware of his supernatural powers. Yoshimori, shocked to see Gen destroy some of his crow shikigami, chases him to the roof. However, when Yoshimori puts up a barrier, Gen slashes it with his clawed hand.

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