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"Tokine and the Prince"
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Episode Summary: Kimiya Hachioji, a famous male student, approaches Tokine at school, attracting a crowd of many of the schoolgirls. As the two leave, Yoshimori follows them, though his friends Hiromu Tabata and Tomonori Ichigaya decide not to accompany him. When Yoshimori catches up to Gen, it is seen that Kimiya is being controlled by a brainwashing ayakashi known as No Okoto, who wants to possess Tokine's body. No Okoto plans to sell information about the kekkaishi to the Kokuboro, recognized as the mysterious organization. Tokine deceives the ayakashi and attacks it until it uncovers the truth about the Kokuboro, in that it is a group of ayakashi taking on the appearance of humans who are against humankind. After No Okuto is captured and destroyed, Kimiya runs away in fear. Tokine briefs Yoshimori and Gen that they may need reinforcements from the Urakai someday soon.

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