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"A Night Without Yoshimori"
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Episode Summary: While Tokine and Gen are busy fighting off an ayakashi, a desperate Yoshimori finds another ayakashi, capturing and destroying it. However, Yoshimori ends up falling in the indoor pool, which causes him to become sick. In the Kokuboro headquarters, Aihi, a plantlike ayakashi, who is a scientist in the research department, gives her subordinate Hisui the prototype human skin suit to wear for a while. However, Kaguro, a mummified ayakashi, causes him to storm out and head toward the site, trying to prove that he can fight on his own. A bedridden Yoshimori causes worry among the other students. At night, Tokine and Gen, encounter Hisui at the site, but Shigemori, who is substituting for Yoshimori, fakes a backache to excuse himself from the fight. As Hisui, acquiring aquatic abilities, disperses into puddles of water, Tokine attempts to box him in and take him out. Even though some parts have survived, Yoshimori arrives in time to wipe him out.

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