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Episode Summary: Yoshimori launches Tokine into the sky for her to cast barriers around the four human ayakashi, but the arthropodan Haizen manages to free the others by melting the barriers. The four then transform into their true forms, overwhelming the kekkaishi. Gen tries to take them head on, but is eventually halted by Kaguro. Yoshimori cleverly creates an elevating barriers for Tokine to shoot spiked barriers at Haizen, letting Yoshimori to detonate him, Tokine is then taken hostage by Sanan and Sekia after Yoshimori was able to kill Haroku. Hiba comes and tranquilizes an enraged Gen before he almost turns into a full ayakashi. Kaguro slashes Sanan and Sekia pieces thus saving Tokine, becomes intrigued when Yoshimori attempts to muster the ignited aura once again, and departs back to the Kokuboro headquarters, recovering some of the human skin suit for Aihi. Hiba tells the kekkaishi that he will report back to the Yagyou that Gen has violated the taboo of losing control of himself.

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