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"Gen's Dark Past"
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Episode Summary: Gen had been born as a half ayakashi, and his older sister Ryo Shishio was the only person he had trusted as a child, since he had been bullied by a boy named Tsutomu. After having overheard his father Tessai Shishio saying that he would be taken away by the Yagyou, a ballistic Gen had transformed into his true form and had ran away. When Ryo had found Gen atop a tree, the latter had gravely injured the former and had tried to escape. Masamori had captured and had brought Gen back to the Yagyou headquarters, sealing his powers with a flame tattoo in order to train him to control them. After being entrusted with this story, Yoshimori, along with Tokine, goes to the school grounds to directly approach Gen about his past. Hiba comes along and confirms that Gen will continue protecting the site, though with probationary restrictions.

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