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"A Challenge from Atora"
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Episode Summary: Yoshimori pays a visit to Gen for lunch. Soon after, Tokine comes by with Atora Hanashima, a member of the Yagyou as a monster tamer, let alone being Gen's personal trainer. Atora gives the three a test of teamwork, taking place at the school grounds at night. The goal, being to capture Atora in a half hour unharmed, proves to be a challenge for the three. Sensuke, a groundhog ayakashi, purposely trips Tokine to prevent her from reaching Atora. The three use their combined strength to defeat Raizo, a bear ayakashi with lightning abilities. Gen uses tissue paper to plug his ears to avoid hearing Atora's commanding voice. Atora soars on Majiro, a bat ayakashi with radar senses, as the kekkaishi cast many barriers to enhance Gen's speed, though to no avail. At the last second, Gen hurls Yoshimori at Atora, catching hold of her yellow scarf, thereby passing the test.

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