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Episode Summary: Sakon, a lizard ayakashi, who is a subordinate of Gagin, requests that Byaku should allow him to take over leadership for the first task force. The Yagyou prepares a funeral for Gen at the Yagyou headquarters, with Hiba and Atora shaken up by the aftermath. Sen Kagemiya remembers when a calm Gen had easily defeated a jealous Shouki, as well as when he had taken on an ayakashi called Valley Jumper by himself when the other members had fled. Sen hesitates to call Gen a friend, even though his passing has not gone unnoticed. Yoshimori and Masamori pay their respects to a disdained Ryo, both apologizing for her loss. It is revealed that Ichirou is working for Byaku, staging the mission that Masamori was distracted with. Yoshimori holds back his tears for Tokine, pondering if Gen wanted to die in order to protect the site.

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