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Episode Summary: Yoshimori leads Sen, along with his friends Shu Akitsu and Dai Yaegashi, into a forest where he engages a friendly battle with them. Yoshimori easily overpowers Shu and Dai, but Sen manages to sneak right behind Yoshimori. However, at that moment, an ignited aura, recognized as a zekkai (absolute barrier), surrounds Yoshimori causing Sen to back away. Sen talks about how Gen had taken on many ayakashi by himself. After Masamori plays shogi with Toshimori, he informs Yoshimori that his first priority is to protect the site, not to seek revenge on Kaguro. Meanwhile, Sakon prepares for an assault on the site. Tokine is uncertain if the site can still be protected even with the Yagyou as backup. At night, the kekkaishi and the Yagyou wait for the enemies to approach.

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