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"The Battle of Karasumori"
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Episode Summary: The kekkaishi and the Yagyou easily fend off a horde of ayakashi. Yoshimori, still having his mind set on avenging Gen, later leaves the battlefield in search of Kaguro. Sakon creates a whirlwind as he lands onto the school grounds. Yaichi and Tsukinojo, Atora's horse and bird ayakashi, seem to be no match against Sakon. Yoshimori finds Kaguro, but it turns out that it is actually Shion wearing the same human skin suit Kaguro had worn in disguise. Yoshimori allows himself to be taken by Shion to go to Kokubouro in order to get to Kaguro. Unfortunately, Sen, who was tailing Yoshimori, gets caught as well. Masamori, ready to battle, is distraught when Sakon takes Atora as a hostage to complicate matters.

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