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"Kokuboro's Hostage"
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Episode Summary: Tokine manages to infiltrate Kurosusuki by following Shion. Masamori frees Atora and destroys Sakon in his true form with ease. As the Yagyou recuperate, he discovers that both Yoshimori and Sen are missing and that they are both currently in the Kokubouro headquarters. Yoshimori is restrained by Shion's spiderwebs, but his absolute barrier repels anything else Shion tries to do to him. Byaku arrives and tries to plant a worm inside Yoshimori, only to be resisted as well. Masamori gathers any available troops to head to the Kokuboro headquarters. Hekian is told by Koshu, a octopus ayakashi, who is an architect in the general affairs department, that the castle has been in ruins for three hundred years. Matsudo, along with his demonic companion Kagami, busts through the ceiling, scares Shion away, and frees Yoshimori under agreement in which Yoshimori must not touch his "white" target. Matsudo destroys the castle buildings while Yoshimori heads off to find Kaguro.

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