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"Byaku and Matsudo"
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Episode Summary: Matsudo soon corners Byaku, revealed to be nine years older than him. Fifty years ago, he had found out that Byaku had been performing experiments on his wife Risa Kagami, causing her to die. Traumatized by his love for her, Matsudo had bounded a contract with a demon in exchange for his soul. Matsudo refers Byaku of being empty, indifferent of his feelings. Byaku had believed he was manipulated with his love for Risa. After a failed experiment, Risa had become disfigured, stabbing herself and having the house set on fire. Matsudo had known that Risa wanted to stay young to prevent Byaku from leaving her side. When Byaku attacks Matsudo with his worms, Kagami deals a crushing blow to Byaku's chest, disabling him on the ground. Matsudo then stabs Byaku with his cane, after the latter says that he had felt no love for his wife.

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    Aug 13th, 2015

    Lol, is it just me or did anyone else get flashbacks of Kuroshitsuji XD

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