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"Flower of Sorrow"
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Episode Summary: Aihi rescues Tokine, who was about to fall into the depths of the castle. After taking Tokine to her laboratory, Aihi reveals that she lacks the evil aura because she had fallen in love with an ill man after being sealed in his house for a while. Shortly after Tokine leaves, Kaguro appears in front of Aihi, who forces her to battle him in her true plantlike form. However, Kaguro bluffs her with an illusion and defeats her when she reverts back. Though Kaguro believes that Aihi became weak from losing her desire to eat humans, but Aihi claims that Kaguro is also weak because he is insecure. In the exact moment where Kaguro is about to destroy Aihi, he senses Yoshimori's presence and heads off to him. Aihi transforms back into her true form and releases her florets, one of which makes its way back to the ill man whom she had loved, who is now of old age.

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