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"The Final Battle!"
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Episode Summary: Tokine is finally reunited with Yoshimori in Kurosusuki, but without any time to waste, Yoshimori immediately goes into battle to settle his revenge with Kaguro. Yoshiori has trapped Tokine inside his barrier, yet she manages to pass through using a technique her grandmother taught her. Kaguro slashes through all the barriers Yoshimori puts out, though almost caught off guard by his absolute barrier. When Kaguro had been a human long ago, he had been beaten against his rival Sakai in a kendo match. Later on, Sakai had recalled when Kaguro defended him against a group of thugs, recognizing his talents as a swordsman. However, Kaguro had taken this the wrong way, recklessly swinging his sword. Kaguro, influenced by three ayakashi, had killed Sakai, after the latter had hesitated to strike back.

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