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"A Dangerous Teacher"
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Episode Summary: At school, Yurina tells Kyoko and Ayano of her love interest in Yoshimori. A handsome teacher named Tatsumi Mino shows up secretly attacking a female student. When Yurina catches sight of this, she reports it to Yoshimori, though Kyoko and Ayano assume she was asking him out on a date. As the day progresses, Yoshimori becomes suspicious when he sees Tokine talking with Mino in the hallway. Yoshimori ponders about how to warn Tokine that Mino might be a possible dangerous player. At night, the kekkaishi sense an abnormality inside the school, only to discover the teacher with three snakes wrapped around him. Mino is recognized with supernatural powers, but is possessed by a parasitic ayakashi called a puppet insect. After the kekkaishi work to destroy the puppet insect, Mino is distraught that he had been controlled, since he is really nice by nature.

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