Keroro Gunsou Episode 02 English Subbed

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"Momoka & Tamama present: Battle Begins! / Momoka & Tamama Present: Bag of Secrets! \ Momoka & Tamama present: Operation Overload the Hinatas / Momoka & Tamama Present: Cow Flesh of Love!"

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Episode Summary: Keroro goes to Fuyuki's school in search of the other members of his platoon. Meanwhile, Fuyuki is stalked by Momoka, a girl who had come across Private Tamama, one of Keroro's platoon members. Momoka tries to confess her feelings for Fuyuki, but is interrupted when Tamama farts while hidden inside her schoolbag. Momoka angrily attacks Tamama, but Keroro arrives and saves her before the seemingly helpless Tamama snaps and counterattacks with his laser breath. Momoka attends a meeting for Fuyuki's paranormal club at his house in an attempt to become closer to him, but is frequently interrupted by Keroro and Tamama's antics. Meanwhile, Keroro becomes jealous of Tamama when he discovers that his subordinate has been living a very pampered life at Momoka's mansion.

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