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"Mois presents: First Attempt to Destroy Earth / Angol Mois Presents: Apocalypse Later! \ Tamama vs. Mois: Tamama's Defeat / Angol Mois & Tamama Present: Sergeant Strangelove: or How I learned to stop worrying and love the frog."
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Episode Summary: Angol Mois falls over the Hinata's house and reveals that she not only knows Keroro but she's here to fulfill the prophecy of the Earth's destruction. She's already years late however. A battle between Keronians, humans and Mois starts for the control of the Lucifer Spear that would grant the destruction, conquer or safety of the planet. Tamama jealous of the attention that Keroro gives to Mois puts her through an intensive training to scare her from ever wanting to be her partner. Tamama fails after seeing Mois's determination.Hoping to be alone with Fuyuki, Momoka plans an island ghost hunt after everyone's dessert mysteriously disappears, not realizing that it had been eaten by the ghost that haunts Keroro's room.

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