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"Sumomo presents: A Pop Star Travels Across Space / Sumomo Presents: Pop Startled! \ Giroro presents: A Small Angel on the Battlefield / It's the Belt, Stupid!"
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Episode Summary: Space idol Sumomo arrives at the Hinata's house to offer a private concert for the troops in Pekopon. This is actually a lie. In fact, she just wanted to rest from all the attention she gets. In the end, after passing an afternoon as an unknown human, she realizes that she misses that attention and abandons Keroro leaving him with a huge debt from the concert planning. Giroro finds a cat getting wet in the rain and decides to keep it. The next day he lost his belt and feels useless and clumsy. He even tries other things to replace his belt but nothing works. Turns out Kululu took it to show him that he indeed needed something to rely on and the cat found it for him.

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