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"Dororo presents: The Forgotten Soldier / Dororo Presents: The Frog That Friends Forgot \ Dororo and Koyuki present: A Beautiful Friendship / Dororo & Koyuki Present: Viper? I Hardly Even Knew Her!"
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Episode Summary: Aliens all over Pekopon are being abducted and a new girl is transferred to Natsumi's group. Both things are related as the new girl Koyuki is a ninja protecting Earth who also found the last frog, Zeroro. Koyuki informs him and tries to reunite them but Zeroro refuses, revealing to his old friends that he changed his name to Dororo and will now protect Pekopon rather than invade it. Dororo and Koyuki are taken prisoner by a member of the Vipers, natural enemies of the Keronians. The platoon goes to the rescue only to fail miserably for the lack of a fifth member. Keroro comes clean about breaking Dororo's music box a long time ago prompting Dororo to forgive him and help the platoon defeat Viper. At the end, Dororo realizes how painful was to remember his box and refuses to join them again.

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