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"Don't Stop Me Now"
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Episode Summary: Satsuki confronts the money-hungry boss of Osaka, Kaneo Takarada, who fights against her using his Dotonbori Robo suit. However, he is thwarted by the arrival of the Elite Four and their new Three-Star Goku Uniforms, before being promptly defeated by Uzu. Ryuko soon arrives on the scene to face against Satsuki, soon supported by the arrival of Aikuro, Tsumugu, and the Nudist Beach organization. While Nudist Beach fight against the Elite Four, Ryuko decides to use her own skin as a replacement for the glove so she can transform with Senketsu, allowing her to recover the glove from Satsuki. As Ryuko is disarmed of her scissor, Ryuko uses Senketsu to snatch Satsuki's sword from her, bringing the match to a stalemate. Ryuko coerces Satsuki into withdrawing her troops as opposed to simply killing each other, though Satsuki fulfills her objective of destroying Nudist Beach's base. As Satsuki and her troops depart, Aikuro agrees to tell Ryuko everything she needs to know.

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