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Episode Summary: A sniper named Tsumugu Kinagase attempts to assassinate Ryuko, but is interrupted by the gardening club, whom he manages to defeat. After dealing with the biology club, Ryuko is attacked by Tsumugu, who pins her down and attempts to force her to strip, but is forced to retreat when he is interrupted by Aikuro. As Aikuro and Tsumugu talk later that night, Tsumugu explains that the Kamui could prove a great threat if left alone. The next day, Ryuko confronts Tsumugu, who attacks her with needles that drain power from Goku Uniforms and Kamui, while they both come under attack by the gardening, rakugo, and hyakunin-isshu clubs. With the clubs wiped out and Ryuko backed into a corner, Senketsu gives himself up to protect Ryuko, but Mako stands up to Tsumugu and returns Senketsu to Ryuko. As Tsumugu comes to understand the bond between Ryuko and Senketsu, they are confronted by one of the Elite Four, Nonon Jakuzure, but Tsumugu helps the two escape.

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