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"Forget About It"
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Episode Summary: Sawako is still troubled over what Kazehaya said to her in the previous episode and wonders how she should have responded to him. In class, Kento tries to help Sawako smile "refreshingly" but fails. Kazehaya is visibly jealous over how close the two are. Kazehaya and Ryu talk during gym class, and Kazehaya expresses worry over how he had troubled Sawako over what he had said about being the closest to her. He feels that, even though it may trouble her further, he has to stop beating around the bush and act soon; otherwise, she may be snatched away by someone else (namely Kento). Ayane confronts Kento, telling him to stop making passes at Sawako, as it is a critical time for her (to pursue Kazehaya). Kento brushes her off, telling her that he has good intentions. The teacher talks about the upcoming exams and Kento announces to the class that Sawako is holding a crash course after school. Kazehaya helps spread the word and brings a lot of people to the study group. During the session, everyone praises Sawako for being such a great teacher. She genuinely smiles, making Kazehaya feel lonely as she is now fitting in the class without his help, and surprises Kento that she is able to smile normally. After everyone leaves, Sawako thanks Kazehaya for helping her. Kazehaya tells her to forget about what he had said earlier. He leaves, with a dejected expression on his face. Outside, Kazehaya finds Kento waiting for him.

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