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Episode Summary: Ryuu tries to confront Chizuru again, but fails to do so, and only tells her not to come to his house this weekend. Chizuru throws a sleep over with the intention of cheer Ayane up from her breakup, but it ends up to be boring because Chizuru planned on getting video games from Ryuu. Ayane convinces Chizuru to go over to his house since it is only Friday, and not yet the weekend. At Ryuu's house they meet Kazehaya and other classmates. They are all having fun, until Ryuu leaves and Chizuru follows, Ryuu once again tries to confess his feelings to Chizuru but is interrupted by his older brother's arrival. His older brother then reveals that he is engaged, Ayane and Sawako look on as Chizuru hides her feelings and congratulate the couple. Soon everyone leaves, and the girls go back to Chizuru's house where Chizuru reflects on her past with Ryuu's brother.

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