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"After School"

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Episode Summary: Sawako offers to help with after-class teacher activities. Endo and Hirano see Sawako after school and ask to help her. The next day, Kazehaya gives Sawako a note during class wanting to know if she will meet him after school. Sawako says yes, and they meet after school with Maru-chan, the puppy Kazehaya took home in the previous episode. Sawako tells Kazehaya about how she studies by imagining that she is teaching the material to a person who doesn't understand. The next day at school, Kazehaya asks for her help, prompting the rest of the class to come over. They are treated with a rare smile from Sawako. After school that day, Yano and Yoshida overhear some girls talking about them and when they confront the girls, they are told that Sawako started the rumors. A new character, Kurumizawa Ume, appears in this episode.

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