Kingdom 2 Episode 29 English Subbed

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"A Single Moment"

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3 Responses to “Kingdom 2 Episode 29”

  1. kaapkolonie

    Dec 23rd, 2013

    damn man im getting a dbz feel from all these stretsht fights if u dont know how to finish just conclude the series already because this just sucks

  2. july

    Dec 24th, 2013

    dont watch this anime then….stupid babo baka…….this is nice historical anime but for one who not know how to enjoy it gonna hate it…..and btw this series is STILL LONG WAY TOO GO you arsehuleeee…….

    yeah maybe it not look much bloody like in manga still it good to watch……
    but manga and anime i read and watch both………

    so if you like to conclude this nice anime ask your mama then…….

  3. thepastor

    Dec 24th, 2013

    Have to admit i do partly agree with kaapkolonie – say 50%

    They are dragging out the scenes, a lot of padding not enough substance. A bit like DBZ (original) not as bad as Bleach. Yes the padding is still watchable – as i want to know what happens – but i would’ve liked this fight to have been concluded by now.

    They should be looking at quality rather than quantity. The original few episodes of this war were amazing & very quick. Since the 1&1 fight the animators are just slowing down the whole thing. I originally thought this was due to lack of manga but as “july” says above there is a long way to go. So why drag it out?

    Still going to watch as this is one of my fave animes in a while

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