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"Putting Into Words"

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Episode Summary: As the school goes on the field trip to the mountains, Himeko remains concerned over what Heartseed had told her. As Iori takes notice, she learns that Himeko also has romantic feelings for Taichi. As Iori confronts Himeko, she reveals she never acted on her feelings as she didn't want the group to fall apart, believing no one would want a weakling such as herself. Iori tells her to stop putting herself down and reassures her that she'll always be her friend despite her flaws. Just as they make up, Heartseed possesses Iori and tells Himeko that Taichi had been in an accident, causing Himeko to panic believing he had fallen down a cliff. Upon discovering had simply fallen off a tree while rescuing a kitten, remaining relatively unscathed, Himeko breaks down in tears out of relief. With the desire unleashing phenomenon declared over, Himeko decides to confess to Taichi and, despite getting rejected, remains confident in the fact she may one day win against Iori and gives him a kiss.

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