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"Determination and Resolution"

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Episode Summary: As the gang continue on their presentation without Iori, Taichi makes a bold statement in class in order to quell the rumours surrounding Iori. However, Kaoru Setouchi, a girl who Iori infuriated the other day, is not fooled by this and plots to scheme something as payback. Later, the gang return to the clubroom to find their presentation has been torn to shreds. Despite the others putting it aside and deciding to remake the project from scratch, Iori, believing Kaoru to be responsible, becomes infuriated at her for getting others involved, forcing Taichi and Himeko to stop her in her tracks. After calming her down, Himeko tries to talk to Iori again by sharing some of her embarrassing secrets. Iori eventually breaks down, revealing how, due to all the stress and suffering the Heartseed incidents have caused her, she can't stand to keep up her fake, cheery personality anymore. Himeko responds that she should just live the way she wants to, whilst Taichi mentions he still loves her even if it wasn't her true personality. As Iori asks to think about it, Himeko encounters the group of boys who were responsible for messing up the clubroom, and when she tries to confront them, she ends up being kidnapped.

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