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"Some Fascinating Humans"

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Episode Summary: The next morning, Himeko, Yoshifumi and Yui all switch bodies together, though soon revert to normal. After the gang make up excuses for their teacher, Mr. Goto, Taichi briefly ends up switching places with Yui before getting grilled by Iori over what happened while he was in her body. Just then, the gang is approached by someone who had swapped bodies with Mr. Goto, calling himself Heartseed, who is revealed to be responsible for the body swapping, vaguely explaining the situation before leaving. Following the encounter, the group discuss how best to handle the situation without making anyone else suspicious. A week later, as Iori swaps bodies with Yoshifumi, she talks with Taichi about how the switching may affect their individuality before she switches back. The next day, as Taichi and Himeko switch and end up having to go on class duty with Maiko, Himeko decides to get revenge against Taichi and declare to Maiko that Iori is hers while in Taichi's body.

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