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"Jobber and Low Blow"
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Episode Summary: As Taichi questions Himeko about what she said in front of Maiko, she implies to Taichi that he has feelings for Iori while also worrying about how the body swapping could eventually break them. Later, Taichi and Yoshifumi learn that Yui has a fear of men. That night, as Taichi switches with Yui, she revealed she gained that fear after almost being raped in middle school, believing there was no way she could beat a man in a fight. Wanting to help her get over her fear, Taichi teaches Yui about the one weakness that all men possess; the crotch. The next day, as Yui becomes a bit more confident and decides to take up martial arts again, Himeko suddenly collapses before Taichi.

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    OMG!!!!! This is amazing…. this anime is just amazing. It is very emotional and i got into the characters and the story really quick…. [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]!$!$

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    Aug 2nd, 2012

    sugoiii !!!

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    i want to climax

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    i just got a problem memorizing there personality and Names its hard though

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    very nice anime advise it extremly!

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