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"Twin Feelings"

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Episode Summary: As Taichi and Iori escort Himeko home, the girls get Taichi to spill the beans about what happened between him and Yui, leaving Iori a bit shocked as she was unaware of Yui's androphobia. After dropping Himeko off, Iori tells Taichi about the troubles she faced due to her mother constantly getting remarried, constantly changing her personality to fit the tastes of others that she had forgotten who she originally was, feeling that the personality swapping would cause her to just fade away. The next day, Taichi confronts Himeko, who eventually reveals that she cannot trust them to use another's body for evil deeds, hating herself for feeling that way. As Taichi tells Himeko she does not need to change who she is to be accepted by others, he tells her a secret that he has thought of her and the other girls in a sexual manner. Moved by his confession, Himeko decides to share her issues with the others and finds the others accept her.

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