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"A Confession and a Death..."

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Episode Summary: Yoshifumi once again confesses to Yui, explaining the reasons why he likes her, to which she replies that she's not ready to go out with anyone just yet. Afterwards, Iori, pretending to have swapped places with Himeko, asks Taichi how he feels about her, to which he says he likes their current relationship before Himeko walks in, revealing it was Iori all along. As Iori runs off, Taichi realises his folly and chases after her, finding her on a bridge over the river. Taichi tells Iori how he admires her, whatever personality she puts herself in before confessing that he loves her. Just then, Iori's body is taken over by Heartseed, who forces her to jump off into the river. As Iori is put in intensive care, Heartseed, in Goto's body, appears before the others and tells them that Iori's body will soon die, giving them thirty minutes to decide amongst themselves whose soul will die with it, giving them the ability to switch bodies on verbal request. As Iori swaps with Yoshifumi and learns of the situation, she offers to die with her own body, not willing to sacrifice anyone else. As she spends time talking to everyone individually, she confesses to Taichi that she loves him too, asking to kiss him while in Himeko's body. As the group make their decision to Heartseed, it is revealed that Iori had managed to survive, the whole thing being planned out by Heartseed. As Iori recovers from her injuries and returns to school, the gang assume the body swapping has stopped while Himeko gets revenge on Taichi for stealing her first kiss.

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