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"A Story That Continued Before Anyone Realized It"

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Episode Summary: Three weeks following the body swap incident, Taichi and Iori have yet to have a chance to talk alone since the club has been busy writing a paper. One day, as Taichi and Himeko are alone in the clubroom, Himeko suddenly starts stripping and making advances on Taichi before they are interrupted by Yui, who suddenly smashes the table without realizing it. Later that night, both Taichi and Iori end up doing things unconsciously, though it does give them a chance to finally talk about the confession. Later, the gang learn that Yui and Yoshifumi had been taken into police custody after Yui had beaten up some guys hitting on some girls. As Taichi, Iori and Himeko discuss the voices they had been hearing in their heads, Heartseed appears again, explaining that they are being put through a new phenomenon in which their bodies will impulsively act on their deepest desires. As the gang discuss how they need to be more careful to try and not get innocent people involved, Himeko hides her doubt from the others. Later, Iori calls Taichi to tell him they should put off dating until the phenomenon is over.

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