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"Falling Apart"
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Episode Summary: As the other grow concerned about Yui, who hasn't shown up at school since the incident, Himeko tells Taichi he could be in danger if his desire to help others is unleashed. As the others visit Yui the next day, she reveals her worries that she might end up hurting others again, but Himeko ends up unleashing her desire to scold her, stating her belief that they could all be in danger if they don't satisfy Heartseed's desire for entertainment. As Himeko tries to keep herself out of situations, Taichi's desires cause him to argue with her and reprimand her for being a coward.

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  1. eddydadi

    Mar 21st, 2013


  2. dubydub

    Jul 25th, 2013

    i once screamed (BUTERFINGERS!! in class wile everyone was totaly serious. but the look one everyones faces was priceless.

  3. Chas

    Jan 24th, 2014

    I don’t think this series belongs in “comedy”… But great story nonetheless. :)

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