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"The Lightning Boy from Another World!"
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Episode Summary: A boy named Zatch Bell arrives at Kiyo Takamine's house and reveals that Kiyo's father sent him to train Kiyo. Zatch gives Kiyo a letter from his father which reveals that Kiyo's father found an amnesic Zatch unconscious in the forest and with him was a red book in a mysterious language. While arguing with Zatch, the book glows red and Zatch shoots lightning out of his mouth destroying Kiyo's wall. At school, Kiyo annoyed with Zatch's presence sends Zatch to the rooftop to deal with "bullies". Zatch finds Suzy Mizuno on the rooftop and coincidentally, also finds a bully. The bully proceeds to beat up Zatch. Kiyo intervenes but is also beaten. Later, a mysterious flying skateboarder named Eido comes from the sky and knocks out the bully by blasting wind with his hand. He then demands Suzy to be his girlfriend and attacks Kiyo and Zatch. Kiyo notices that a child like Zatch is the one using the wind techniques. Kiyo reads "Zaker" from Zatch's red book and Zatch fires lightning Eido, scaring them away. In the distance, a mysterious pair reveal the Mamodo battle has begun.

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