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"The Bagpipes of Sadness!"
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Episode Summary: Nicolas is upset about Majirou's book becoming burnt. When he plays his depression through his bagpipes, it causes anyone who hears it to become sad too. Folgore volunteers to bring Nicholas to Italy to rid his sadness. Once there, Folgore shows Nicholas the merry town in Italy and tells him he must remember the good times he had with Majirou. Nicholas becomes upset and plays his bagpipes, causing people around him to cry in sorrow. Next, Folgore takes Nicholas to a forest and tells him to let nature wash away his grief but also fails. Folgore then attempts to get Nicholas to play his depression into a hole and trap it in there. The depression bursts out of the hole and causes the whole country of Italy to suffer a depression. Nicholas runs away once realizing what he has done to the country. Folgore meanwhile decides that to combat Nicholas's depression, he must combat the depression in Italy. Folgore starts to dance his famous song with his cheerful spirit but is overcome by the depression. Nicholas, seeing Folgore's spirit, remembers that his goal was to spread happiness with his bagpipes and proceeds to play a happy tune. This cancels the depression he caused in Italy, and he decides to continue playing to keeping Majirou's memory alive.

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