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"Decisive battle against Faudo! The golden radiance. The kind king"
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Episode Summary: "Bao Zakeruga" defeats Zeno and causes his book to burn. Before he disappears, Zeno destroys the gem which controls Faudo and tells Zatch if he deserves Bao, he should be able to stop Faudo. Kiyo teleports everyone out of Faudo excluding himself and Zatch using Faudo's system. As Japan nears Faudo's sight, Kiyo plans to use the teleportation device and teleport in front of Faudo and defeat him with "Bao Zakeruga", however if the distance between them and Faudo is incorrect, "Bao Zakeruga" will be severely weakened. Outside, Sherry and Brago are able to stop Faudo's movement with "Baber Gravidon" allowing Kiyo to teleport Zatch and himself out. Using "Bao Zakeruga" they destroy Faudo. After an unknown time period, Kiyo and Zatch meet Sherry and Brago in the grassland and prepare to battle each other.

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