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"Apollo, the Free Traveler Part 2"
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Episode Summary: Apollo allows Kiyo to retrieve his book and warns Kiyo he will not hesitate to burn his book. Kiyo attempts to use "Bao Zakeruga" but nothing occurs once again. Kiyo begins to lose hope but Zatch's word return Kiyo's confidence. When Rops is hit by "Zaker", Zatch asks him what kind of king he will be and Rops shows his scarf to Apollo in reply. Apollo reminisces the origin of the scarf and the time his first meeting with Rops; a country has closed itself off from the outside and Apollo who is travelling the world is unable to leave. Apollo meets some kids who are taking care of Rops and asks them for directions out of the country. Apollo led by kids of the village lead him to the country's boarder but a gate blocks the exit. Rops' book glows and the kids give Apollo the book. When Apollo reads a spell, Rops is able to bring Apollo over the gate. The kids decide to give Apollo Rops and gives him a scarf. Apollo realizes that Rops wishes to be a king of freedom and uses his strongest spell against Kiyo. Kiyo counters with "Bao Zakeruga" and they both become immovable due to exhaustion. That evening, Apollo continues his travels around the world.

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